Refurbished lipstick

So I have this lipstick from Clinique called “Berry Freeze” and I love it so much but I hardly get the opportunity to wear lipstick and when I do I feel like it is pasted too thick on my lips and too harsh for my face. I found this cool tip and I wont look back! Yes, you may think that this is a waste of expensive lipstick, but  this just shows how your beauty regime needs to work for you first and foremost!

I have scooped my lipstick out and mixed it with Blistex Daily Conditioning treatment for lips. This lip balm is amazing and does my lips the world of good, it has a slight gloss to it and a beautiful menthol tingle. Mixing a little bit of my berry colour in with it has turned it into a power product I will never do without! Beautiful berry lips with only a slight gloss gives me colour and the added benefit of conditioning my lips while I am at it!

When your lipstick is nearing the end of its life, this is the perfect tip to keep your favourite colour around by scooping out the leftover! A cheaper alternative to the Blistex would be to use vaseline!


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